Born to Ride, Ron Davis

For Ron Davis, riding a motorcycle is not simply a hobby… it’s a way of life.

In an instant everything changed. While on his bike another driver turned in front of him and he was involved in an accident that caused him to lose his left leg below the knee. Almost immediately, Ron was determined to ride again. “My goal at the beginning was to be able to be back on a motorcycle in less than a year,” said Ron. 

When Ron was not getting the prosthetic solutions he needed from his provider, his doctor referred him to Abilities In Motion. The professionals at AIM were able to identify Ron’s particular needs and gave him components that he needed to ride again. 

“Abilities In Motion [has] been fabulous. You actually gave me a leg that I was looking for. I was looking for something that would actually pivot, the other place I was going to said I couldn’t have that. [AIM] made all the difference in the world, in my ability to walk from flat plain to going up hills, so I am thrilled with Abilities In Motion.”

Two days before the anniversary of his accident, Ron rode again. It was an emotional moment for Ron and his wife, as his motorcycle club gave him an ovation that he won’t soon forget. 

Learn more about Ron by watching the video above.

Abilities In Motion has two locations in Cincinnati and is always seeking new and innovative ways to meet the needs of lower limb amputees. More information, including stories of other veterans can be found on their website at

Jay Estoquia, ABC Certified Prosthetist.

Jay Estoquia has completed the residency he began with Abilities In Motion and is now an ABC (American Board of Certification) Certified Prosthetist. Estoquia is a graduate of Bellarmine University with a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science and the University of Washington where he received his Masters Degree in Prosthetics and Orthotics.

Jay was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the United States, making Cincinnati his home when he was four years old. “It was very difficult at first, because I didn’t know the language, and I had to begin school quickly after landing in The States”, he recalls. Jay adapted quickly and excelled in school. When the time came to choose a career, he was initially uncertain.

“I knew I wanted to be in a profession where I was using my creative abilities to help people,” says Estoquia. When he discovered prosthetics, it was a natural fit for his skill set. “In this profession you get a great mix of anatomy, kinesiology, engineering and art. I am naturally very curious, and in this field, I’ll always be exploring and learning new things.”

Jay states that his experience at Abilities In Motion has given him opportunities to be involved in managing prosthetic care very soon after our patients’ amputations. “The removable IPOP (immediate post-operative prosthesis) we apply in the operating room allows me to connect with the patient very early on, guide them throughout the early rehabilitation process, and expedite the process of acquiring a prosthesis.”

Providing quality patient care and outcomes is his top priority priority, and Jay has quickly gained a stellar reputation among patients, physicians, staff, and caregivers. Jay states, “I want to be a part of a practice that is setting the standard for personalized, compassionate, and robust prosthetic care in Cincinnati.”