Patient Experiences


In 1989, Deb broke her leg. After nine surgeries over the course of 28 years, her leg was amputated below the knee. Immediately after getting her first prosthesis, she started driving school to learn to drive with hand controls and a left foot brake. She wanted to get back on the road as soon as possible. 

After her amputation, Deb was determined to accept the new prosthetic as her own leg. She emphasized how challenging this is, but ultimately the loss of her leg was not “the end of the world”. She was excited about the prospect of walking with little to no leg pain after years of dealing with it. While learning to walk again, Deb worked with a physical therapist to aid in her recovery. 

Deb is grateful to get up in the morning and walk using her prosthesis. She is now able to get out of the house to visit friends, or walk to her sister’s place. This was not a possibility for her prior to her amputation. Her goals for the future are to play golf again, swim, and eventually stand in a shower. Currently, Deb uses her mobility to create amazing woodworking crafts such as those pictured below.