Here you can find the answers to common questions about your prosthetic device. If you have a question that you do not see the answer for, please give our office a call. If we are unable to answer your question, or find the answer for you, we can help get you scheduled for an appointment to consult with our prosthetist.

It is important to remember, you should not be making any adjustments to your prosthetic on your own. Unless it is a simple solution, such as adding a sock to your prosthesis, you will need to make an appointment. Someone from our office can help you. Our expert team is experienced, competent, and well-equipped to empower you to keep moving forward.

SHRINKERS (and other supplies)

Shrinkers help to control swelling the residual limb. Abilities In Motion will provide you with shrinkers, donning tube, and other supplies while you are recovering from surgery. Our team will come to your facility and will work to coordinate care with your physician.


Once the wound has healed, our team along with your physician, will determine when the fitting process can start. Our team will have already discussed your goals with you and will have started the process of getting prescriptions and authorization from your insurance.

The liner provides a skin tight fit to your residual limb and will aid in attaching the prosthetic to your body. The material is very much like a wet-suit and measurements will be taken to give you a custom fit.


After the liner has been applied, a smart device is used to scan the residual limb and measurements are recorded.


The scanned image is then modified in the Omega Software in order to customize the shape.





Once the socket is created, AIM technicians add the endoskeletal components in order to create a complete custom prosthesis.


The prosthesis is then fitted to the client and aligned setting height, angels, and rotation for optimal function.


Learning to walk with a prosthesis takes time and patience. Our expert staff will help you adjust to the challenges you will face as you use your new device. We will partner with you establish a wearing schedule and then create appointments to check the size and fit, making adjustments when necessary.