Moving Forward

We have collected several stories from the Abilities In Motion community to help spark hope for individuals facing or experiencing amputation. While individual situations vary, we strive to help our patients meet and exceed their goals. Our expert team is experienced, competent and well-equipped to empower you to keep moving forward.

Tennis Anyone?

See how Abilities In Motion helped Charles get back on the court.

Born to Ride, Ron Davis

For Ron Davis, riding a motorcycle is not simply a hobby… it’s a way of life.

Prosthetic Equipment for Athletes

Before losing his leg in a vehicle accident, Scott Lane ran marathons. Abilities In Motion working to equip him for his next race and his active lifestyle.

Christy's Story

After six surgeries, pain led Christy to choose amputation.


Mark and his custom UK custom socket.

Don's Story

Don talks about his journey with Abilities In Motion.

Back in the Pool

Joy’s goal was to be able to drive and get in and out of her pool.

Trevor's Motorcycle

Below-the-knee amputee Trevor is able to ride his motorcycle just a few months after his amputation.

Michael's Story

Michael was involved in an IED explosion while serving in the U.S. Military. He is now walking and running unassisted.