Express Yourself… Custom 3D Printed Covers Make a Statement.

Donna Ellis has been coming to Abilities In Motion since 2011. Because she is unable to get a tattoo, she started looking for other ways to make a statement. When she learned that Abilities In Motion could get her a customized 3D printed prosthesis cover, she was all in.

Ms. Ellis’ design features a lion that is inspired from her Christian faith and she picked orange because it’s her favorite color. Our design team went to work to perfect her look. Covers are made from materials that are durable and lightweight. Custom colors allow amputees to express their style and taste.

3D printing is new to the prosthetic community, and Abilities In Motion is leading the way in our region with this new technology. For over 25 years, Tom Walsh has been on the cutting edge of prosthetic design, and he is excited about the possibilities. “In many ways we are limited in what we can offer our patients because of lack of selection or the expense. With 3D printing, the options and potential are almost limitless,” said Walsh.

“I love coming here, this is like home, and it’s very comfortable. Tom and his team are accommodating and always looking for ways to help you live your life as an amputee,” said Ellis.

If you or someone you know would like some help expressing themselves with a custom 3D printed cover, contact us today for a free consultation.